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Child Safe Nation collected over 120,000 signatures of Canadians who love children and want them protected from pedophiles.  Thanks to ALL of you who collected petitions and signed them.

On December 5, 2011 Parliament voted on the Crime Bill which included section 163.1 changes to the “child porn” laws. It passed 157 to 127.

UPDATE : September 2012 : All clauses came into effect in Sept.  see new code:

http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/page-77.html#docCont   however more needs to be done. One more issue – a separate law governs the sex offender registry.  Sex offender information Act – must be changed to allow public access to information on child sex predators.

( CFA has a petition calling for change to the sex offender registry  – please email  info@familyaction.org  or call 403-295-2159 to order yours.)

Also visit our website:  www.StopPedophiles.ca to see some who have been convicted of child sex offenses.

We were appalled at some of the opposition tactics and issues raised that opposed protecting children.  Arguments like jail time does not solve the pedophile problem. Mandatory sentences are too harsh. Jails will fill up and cost us immense dollars.

What of the harm to a young innocent child MPs, who opposed this change ?

Thankfully the Conservative majority was able to deliver the number of votes it did to pass this law onto the Senate.  In early 2012 the Senate will debate and vote on this matter.

GOOD NEWS is ahead.

Those who helped in every way – donations, speaking publicly, educating friends, calling MPs, writing letters in papers, signing petitions, and so many other actions have produced results.

We still would like stronger penalities for child sex offenders but this is a start. And the term “child pornography” must still change in law and public dialogue.

View this public service announcement of our ChildSafeNation campaign:


Watch below for recent or interesting stories in the news

Academic conference seeks to normalize pedophilia

We must remember that those that possess child sexual abuse images prolong the abuse of these children.  They should be held  just as responsible as the front line abuser. Man get 4 months for procession

Four stories related to Child Sexual Abuse Materials in Canada alone from the week of May 30th

Youth mentor convicted of child porn

Moncton man denied bail in child porn case

Plea expected in child porn case

Halifax man faces child porn charges

The media and RCMP is way ahead of the government when it comes to calling “Child Porn” what it really is. Child Abuse Materials. Here is a great story about just that.


Click this link to view a copy of our digital billboards

Here are a couple of links to stories from our press confrence

Global TV Calgary

The Calgary Herald

Important Bills in Parliament

Bill C-54: This act may be cited as the Protecting Children from Sexual Predators Act

On January 31st 2011 Brian Rushfeldt of Canada Family Action presented recommendations to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. Please read what needs to change.  Contact your MP and ask them to make these important changes to Bill C-54. Here is a link to find your MP’s contact details. Follow this link to read the entire presentation

Recommended Changes to Bill C 54 by Canada Family Action

Press Release: February 1st Ottawa Canada – 84 500 Canadians Mad as Hell

Click here for a Sun Media story as a result of the Press Conference held in Ottawa Feb 1st

Click here for a follow up story from Sun Media “more jail time for child porn crime”

Bill C-22:This act may be cited as the Child Protection Act (Online Sexual Exploitation)

Click here for a down loadable version of this 30-second announcement. Please contact your local media and ask if they will run the public service announcement (send them the link to the download). If you are a pastor/priest/rabbi, we encourage you to show the video in your church/synagogue, and distribute the brochures the same day.

Check out this Youtube video to see what people are doing to bring attention to this problem!

Check the Cases in the Media button for many other stories.

BC man arrested with 1 000 000 images of abuse.  We need minimum mandatory sentences for cases just like this.

How you can help:

CFA is distributing a political action brochure across Canada informing citizens of the issue and requesting they contact their MP to support three specific legislative changes to the criminal code. Please contact us if you can help distribute brochures in your community, workplace or church.

Listen to the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime: An interview with Steve Sullivan on Family Action Radio about internet facilitated child sexual abuse in Canada
Family Action Radio – Steve Sullivan!

For statistics on child internet sex crimes read the recent report from the federal ombudsman for victims of crime: Every Image, Every Child- Internet Facilitated Child Sexual Abuse in Canada http://www.victimsfirst.gc.ca/media/news-nouv/bg-di/20090507-2.html

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